Do you like cold calling? Neither do we. No one likes cold acquisition.

We believe, it is much better to be found by the interested ones, than spend money to reach and irritate all the others.

If you want to be visible for your customers and not-yet customers, let us drink a cup of coffee together.

If you think, your product is innovative enough and delivers value, just drop us a line. We work very lean and deliver results fast.

We have 12 years experience in business development, so we know all the methods that do not perform anymore. Let us help you with sales, save your money and time.

We will help you with establishing new sales channels around the Baltic Sea and North Sea, like modern “Sales Vikings”. For example, we support German companies in the Nordic and Ireland, sell Finnish product to Germany and Sweden, Swedish to Germany. Most of our customers come from IT, franchise systems, biotech and other “tech” industries.